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HOT OFF THE PRESSES! - Winter 2021 ISGS Newsletter

Be sure to catch the latest edition of the ISGS Newsletter, available to all on the ISGS Website!  Our Newsletter page also has ISGS Newsletters through the last 12 months.  The Winter edition of the ISGS Newsletter is packed with the latest Illinois genealogy news and helpful tips, including: An introduction from our new ISGS President, Vicki Mattson Get to know ISGS' new Office Manager, Vauna Stahl! Our 2021 ISGS Honors & Awards winners Photos from the presentation of the Volkel Hall of Fame award, and the Monee Heritage Center dedication! The latest "Tips from the Genealogist" and Local Society Highlights Upcoming genealogy events and conferences Does your society have an upcoming event you'd like to promote in the ISGS Newsletter? Email us at, and we'd be happy to help! © 2021, copyright Illinois State Genealogical Society

BIG 1950 Census News from NARA!

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recently released BIG NEWS about the 1950 Census- it will be released with a name search function! The upcoming 1950 Census Website will have a search function powered by an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool. The website is in development and is undergoing "rigorous testing" to ensure a successful launch in April 2022! Get all the details in this National Archives News post by Victoria Macchi! ISGS is working hard to keep you informed of all the latest 1950 Census news!  If you don't already have a copy of the  Summer 2021 ISGS Quarterly,  it is a must-read, containing a history of the 1950 Census, what information will be included, how to prepare for the release, and much more!  And don't miss the  Winter 2021 Quarterly,  featuring the latest Census updates, researched by super-sleuth (and ISGS Past President) Laura Marshall Kovarik! Plus, even more spe

Don't miss the Winter edition of the ISGS Quarterly!

Don’t miss the latest issue of the ISGS Quarterly! The Winter edition has a very special feature: An excerpt from Dawn Turner's memoir, Three Girls From Bronzeville: A Uniquely American Memoir of Race, Fate, and Sisterhood. John Warner of the Chicago Tribune's "Biblioracle" column lists Three Girls from Bronzeville as a "Must Read for Chicagoans (and Probably Everyone Else Too) Book of the Year." Turner's memoir, with its exquisite details about growing up in a specific place and time, and its willingness to honestly document pain as well as joy, is a wonderful example for any genealogist looking to record their life story. Readers will also enjoy "Shall We Dance?" a deeply researched piece by Laura Marshall Kovarik. Kovarik uses a stunning collection of dance cards saved in a shirt collar box by her Chicago ancestor, to paint a portrait of a workingman’s social life in the late nineteenth century. A fun and informative article! ISGS MEMBER

Conference Attendees! - Access On-Demand Webinars ENDS December 31st!

A big THANK YOU to all who attended the ISGS Fall Conference, "Fire It Up! Ignite Your Prairie State Research" in October! Don't forget, as an attendee you have full on-demand access to the pre-recorded webinars from our outstanding speakers - but access ends on December 31st!  Be sure to take some time over the holidays to check out any lectures you missed! An email from the Conference Committee was sent out on December 11th with links to all of the webinar recordings- or you can find the links in your syllabus! Also, don't forget to fill out our post-conference survey- link included in the email. Our speakers and the Conference Committee need your feedback so we can begin planning for next year's conference! © 2021, copyright Illinois State Genealogical Society

Fun Online Resources to Re-imagine Holidays Past!

December is a time to spend with family, to enjoy holidays past and present! It's also a great time to share family stories- by chatting with family in-person or on Zoom, by writing down our family history in the yearly Christmas Card, or for a keepsake book. Here are some fun online links that can add historical context to your family story- what recipes were popular in your grandmother's time? What was the most popular toy in the 1945 Sears Catalog? These links can also help "jog" the memories of our older family members, and they may recall more family stories to share! Vintage Recipes- Just like Grandma used to make! Members share old recipe cards, magazine clippings, and vintage cook books with their favorite family recipes! Do any look familiar? Catalogs Collection, Internet Archive- Internet Archive has a growing collection of vintage catalogs, including many Sears "Wish Books," how-to catalogs, and advertisements for household items. A great way to