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Don't miss the Winter edition of the ISGS Quarterly!

Don’t miss the latest issue of the ISGS Quarterly! The Winter edition has a very special feature: An excerpt from Dawn Turner's memoir, Three Girls From Bronzeville: A Uniquely American Memoir of Race, Fate, and Sisterhood.

John Warner of the Chicago Tribune's "Biblioracle" column lists Three Girls from Bronzeville as a "Must Read for Chicagoans (and Probably Everyone Else Too) Book of the Year." Turner's memoir, with its exquisite details about growing up in a specific place and time, and its willingness to honestly document pain as well as joy, is a wonderful example for any genealogist looking to record their life story.

Readers will also enjoy "Shall We Dance?" a deeply researched piece by Laura Marshall Kovarik. Kovarik uses a stunning collection of dance cards saved in a shirt collar box by her Chicago ancestor, to paint a portrait of a workingman’s social life in the late nineteenth century. A fun and informative article!

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