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The 1918 Flu Epidemic in Illinois- Resources to Learn More about Your Ancestors

Image from the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society,  Vol 74, Illinois Digital Archives  ( With the recent illness and uncertainty, the ISGS Board hopes that you and your family are staying healthy. Members, please check the ISGS website for updates on our office closure, and more detailed information on the impact to our services will be sent to you very soon. The recent coronavirus outbreak has lead many family historians to wonder how their ancestors handled the 1918 flu epidemic over 100 years ago. The flu epidemic had a global impact, occuring during the final days of World War I as American soldiers traveled to the frontlines of Europe; unknowingly carrying the virus with them. The flu epidemic hit even the smallest, rural towns of Illinois. Local historical societies, archives and newspapers have fortunately kept records of the the flu's impact, and many resources to learn more about your Illinois ancestors can be found online.

Member EXCLUSIVE- Brand-New "Good To Know" webinars!

The ISGS Education Committee is excited to announce TWO new "Good To Know" presentations, now available in the "Members Only" section of the ISGS website! "Good To Know" is a series of presentations designed to assist genealogists using archives, libraries, and other research facilities in Illinois. Each video starts with a short audio introduction, leaving you with the flexibility to view the remainder of the presentation at your own pace. The videos will prepare you for visiting the research facilities in person- including important information about parking locations, hours, contact information, whether you can bring electronic devices or pens/pencils inside, even where the outlets and vending machines are located. All the important details are included, to make your research trip as easy and productive as possible! The "Good To Know" series now includes 4 videos covering the Illinois Regional Archives Depository system (IRAD):

Two FREE Irish Genealogy Workshops coming to Chicago this month!

The Ulster Historical Foundation is presenting a FREE lecture series on Irish Genealogy Research, and two upcoming dates will be in Chicago! See below for details. Click on the poster to link to the registration pages for the Irish American Heritage Center or the Newberry Library events. What a great opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and your Irish heritage by learning some valuable research skills! © 2020, copyright Illinois State Genealogical Society

Meet the ISGS Member Societies- BIGWILL

The British Interest Group of Wisconsin & Illinois (BIGWILL)  is a genealogical society of individuals who are interested in their British Isles ancestry. They are dedicated to helping all members trace their ancestry in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands. BIGWILL holds their regular meetings at The Community Church in Richmond, which is located in McHenry County, IL.  Benefits of being a BIGWILL member include regular and special meetings dealing with different aspects of research in the British Isles; support and networking for all levels of researchers; a bi-monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on events and resources; and free entries in the BIGWILL Register,  a growing database of member interests. Additionally, BIGWILL's library collection can be found at the McHenry Public Library . Membership and meeting information can be found on BIGWILL's website  and their Facebook page . Their next meeting will take place