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Upcoming ISGS Webinar - December 2017

Join us on Tuesday, December 12, at 8:00 PM Central, when Sharon S. Atkins will present Ephemera: Genealogy Gold. To attend this webinar, register at

For the complete list of upcoming webinars, visit

Registration Procedure: There are only 500 available "seats" for each webinar and we have limited the number of registrations for each webinar to 650. Past experience has shown that approximately 30% of those who register don't attend a webinar.

Recommendation: login to the webinar EARLY - access begins at 7:30 pm Central. Once the "room" fills up with 500 attendees, others attempting to join will receive a "room full" message.

Spread the Word: Forward this email onto your friends and colleagues, post the information to social media sites and/or your blog/website, or print out a few copies of our webinar flyer to hand out at your local society meetings. Click…