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Fun Online Resources to Re-imagine Holidays Past!

December is a time to spend with family, to enjoy holidays past and present! It's also a great time to share family stories- by chatting with family in-person or on Zoom, by writing down our family history in the yearly Christmas Card, or for a keepsake book.

Here are some fun online links that can add historical context to your family story- what recipes were popular in your grandmother's time? What was the most popular toy in the 1945 Sears Catalog? These links can also help "jog" the memories of our older family members, and they may recall more family stories to share!

  • Vintage Recipes- Just like Grandma used to make! Members share old recipe cards, magazine clippings, and vintage cook books with their favorite family recipes! Do any look familiar?

  • Catalogs Collection, Internet Archive- Internet Archive has a growing collection of vintage catalogs, including many Sears "Wish Books," how-to catalogs, and advertisements for household items. A great way to see the newest innovations and gifts that were popular in your ancestor's time!

  • WishbookWeb- A vintage Christmas catalog archive including catalogs from Sears, Lord & Taylor, Spiegel, and more!

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