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Announcing the Illinois Bicentennial Family Certificate!

The Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) announces the introduction of the Illinois Bicentennial Family Certificate program, an official project of the Illinois Bicentennial celebration. Available only during the Bicentennial year, the Illinois State Genealogical Society will issue Illinois Bicentennial Family Certificates to honor those who contributed to our state’s rich history to direct descendants of early pioneers who were living in Illinois in the year of Statehood (1818) and whose family has continued to be proud residents of our State for each generation since that time, with the applicant being a current resident of Illinois. The Illinois Bicentennial Family Certificate program supports part of the Society’s purpose: To stimulate an interest in the people who contributed to the establishment and development of the State of Illinois. To seek, preserve, and make available all information pertaining to individuals, families, and groups who lived in Illinois, recogn