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Upcoming ISGS Webinar – March 2017

Join us on  Tuesday, March 14 , at 8:00 PM Central, when Angela Y. Walton-Raji will present  Nurse, Matrons, Laundresses and Cooks. Documenting Women in the Civil War . To attend this webinar, register at Last week's webinar,  Freedmen’s Bureau Records – Valuable to ALL Southern Research! , presented by Diane Richard, is now available to ISGS members in the Members Section of the ISGS website ( ). Upcoming Webinars March 14 -  Nurse, Matrons, Laundresses & Cooks. Documenting Women in the Civil War Presenter:   Angela Y. Walton-Raji Registration: April 11 -  Tracing Slave and Slaveowner Ancestors with DNA and Genealogy Presenter:   Nicka Smith Registration: May 9 -  Cause of Death: Using Coroner's Records for Genealogy Presenter:   Lis