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Websites of the Week- learn about the Eastland Disaster

July marks the 107th anniversary of the SS Eastland disaster. On the morning of July 24th, 1915, more than 2500 passengers boarded the Eastland, docked on the Chicago River. Most of the passengers were employees of Western Electric, on their way across Lake Michigan, to a company picnic with their families. The boat began to list as more and more passengers arrived, until it eventually rolled over completely- trapping hundreds of people inside as the vessel filled with water. 

The disaster claimed 844 lives, including 22 entire families, and killed more passengers than the Titanic or Lusitania disasters. Victims were buried in several Chicago- area cemeteries, including Forest Home Cemetery, Jewish Waldheim Cemetery, Queen of Heaven Cemetery, and Bohemian National Cemetery.

Learn more about the tragic disaster, and learn how to honor the victims, with these online resources:

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