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NEW Online Join/Renew Option for ISGS Associate & Subscription Members!

ISGS Associate Members and Subscription Members can now renew their memberships (or create new memberships) on our website! 

Click on the "Join/Renew" tab, and then "Organizations- Join/Renew." Or CLICK HERE!

There are several join and renewal options to fit your particular organization's needs:
    • Associate Members should be formal Illinois organizations that have bylaws and elected officers
    • Subscription Members can be any historical/genealogical Societies outside of Illinois, or any libraries regardless of location.
The New Join/Renew options allow you to pay online through PayPal- or you can still print out an invoice and mail in a check. Give the new join/renew option a try and let us know what you think!

There are many benefits to being an ISGS Associate or Subscription Member!
Associate Members can also participate in the ISGS Society Forums. These are virtual meetings where Society leaders can collaborate and address issues together, with the support of the ISGS Society Liaison. In 2021, these forums have been held every other month, covering topics such as- 
  • Finding and keeping volunteers
  • Increasing Membership
  • Records digitization projects
  • How to put together a virtual conference
  • Moving forward after Covid-19 impacts
Our Society Forums have included members from Illinois Societies all over the state, and members have provided a ton of positive feedback! Is your society interested in joining us? Contact the ISGS Society Liaison at

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