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Happy Holidays from the Illinois State Genealogical Society!

ISGS wishes you and your family Happy Holidays and a great New Year! 

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather the family together to share new and old stories and memories. Bring a video or tape recorder so you won't miss any important pieces of information! You never know if that old story about "Uncle Hal" may reveal a clue to break down a brick wall- or if your nieces, nephews or grandchildren may someday treasure those family memories of Christmas or Hanukkah 2019!

Above is a photo of my great-grandparents, Tony and Susan Marx from Aurora, IL. Though they passed on before I was born, I have heard many happy memories of Christmases with Grandma and Grandpa Marx. Grandpa made a Nativity set completely by hand that has been passed down through the family. What holiday memories does your family like to share?

Here's to new family history discoveries and more genealogical learning opportunities in 2020!

Candace Marx, Marketing Chair, and all of the hard-working volunteers of the Illinois State Genealogical Society

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