Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nominations Sought for ISGS Awards

The Illinois Genealogical Society (ISGS) Honors and Awards Committee uses the following criteria for selecting individuals or societies to be honored by the ISGS Governing Board for the many hours and talents the nominees have contributeimaged to furthering genealogy in Illinois. All recipients will be notified that they will be receiving an award at an ISGS event on a specific day and place. It is their responsibility to attend the event to receive the award or to ask another individual to receive the award in their absence.  Please make only one nomination per category per society.  Award nomination forms must be used. The forms are available on the ISGS website.

Community Service Award - This award may be given to an individual, company, or institution for service or contributions to genealogy. Nominations may be made by local genealogical or historical societies.

Special Recognition Award - This award may be given to an individual for the promotion of genealogy in general or for having been a major influence toward the success of the nominating organization. Nominations may be made by local societies.

Youth Award - Students are eligible for this award for a genealogical project. Nominations may be made on the suggestion of a teacher, advisor, or local society.

Distinguished Service Award - A national figure may be honored for exceptional contributions or service to genealogy.

Individual Writers Award - A writer or co-writers who made a significant contribution to genealogy through an article of exceptional merit published in the ISGS Quarterly during the past year is/are eligible for this award. Nominations will be made by the Editorial Board of the ISGS Quarterly.

Volkel Memorial Awards  - Named for ISGS founder, Lowell M. Volkel, the Volkel Medal of Honor and the Volkel Hall of Fame awards are presented in alternate years to recognize exemplary contributions to the field of genealogy.  The Medal of Honor is awarded in even-numbered years and the Hall of Fame in odd-numbered years. Nominations may be made by local genealogical societies.

Completed forms should be mailed by July 31 to the attention of the Honors and Awards Committee at the above ISGS address.  To submit a nomination for the above awards (except the Individual Writers Award), please complete the Honors & Awards Nomination Form.

Direct questions to isgsawards@ilgensoc.org.  

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