Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 1940 Census Index is Nearly Complete at FamilySearch

illinois Last week, FamilySearch reported that the 1940 census indexes for all 50 states is complete, as are the indexes for Guam, Panama Canal, and Virgin Islands.  The final two territories, American Somoa and Puerto Rico, should be posted soon.  According to their blog post on August 21, the project “started on the April 4th of this year. With the posting of the last states today, we have published the census 73 days earlier than expected!”  That’s incredible!!

The ISGS indexing group was a major contributor to this project, having indexed over 325,000 records, and arbitrated another 57,000.  So go ahead, pat yourself on the back…you earned it!

This project will certainly help people find their family, or even themselves, in the 1940 census.  Were you able to finally find someone using the index?  Tell us about it in the comments!

P.S.  If you got the indexing bug from helping to index the 1940 census, why not continue contributing to FamilySearch indexing projects.  There are plenty to choose from, including a new community project for US Immigration and Naturalization Records.  Want to stick with Illinois records, help index the Chicago Catholic Church Records, 1833-1910 collection.

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