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ISGS 2012 Ancestor Photo Contest Winners

ISGS 2012 Ancestor Photo Contest Winners

The Illinois State Genealogical Society is proud to announce the winners of its recent Ancestor Photo Contest held earlier this year.

Rotating Ancestor Slide Show Added to ISGS Website

There were 12 photos selected from the many images submitted by ISGS members and they are all available for viewing at the ISGS website. We’ve created a “rotating slide show” which will display two images when you click on a sidebar menu item.

In addition, place your mouse pointer over an image to learn more about the person or persons depicted and which ISGS member submitted the photo.

You can also view all of this year's winning photos and those from previous years by clicking Free Databases in the sidebar and selecting Ancestor Photos.

Winners and Photos

BLOESE family

The photo shows the Bloese family in 1937 in order of age from oldest to youngest.  Missing was the oldest sister Rose.  Please note that it was boy girl from top to bottem.  Included are Emil, Mitzi, Gus, Josephine, Fred, Lorraine, Leonard, Lucille and John.  Submitted by Arlene Johnson.

DRIVER, William and CAMPBELL, Sallie

Sallie (Campbell) Driver and her young childen:  Mary, Charlie, and John and her two oldest son:  William and David.  This photo was taken about 1896. Submitted by Janis Forte.

William and Sallie (Campbell) Driver Family taken about 1898.  Pictured are:  Front row left to right seated:  Elena, Mother Sallie with unknown child on her lap, Father, William, Mary, and Rebecca.  Standing:  Mary, (little boy) John, Edgar, William, Sarah.  Submitted by Janis Forte.

ESWINE, Stephen

Stephen Eswine prior to 1902.  Stephen Eswine was the owner of one of the finest "retail Liquor establishments" on the Ohio River, located in Old Shawneetown, IL (Gallatin County) He died in 1902 at age 34 of typhoid fever, leaving a wife and 3 young children. Submitted by Sandra Parker.

FLOYD, James Bailey and Family

Four generations abt 1911 (l to r): Miranda Wasson Ray (my grandmother) b. 18 April 1887 Pope County, IL; Lola Ray (Miranda's daughter) b. 21 August 1910 Saline County, IL; James Bailey Floyd (Miranda's grandfather) b. 20 September 1843 Pope County, IL; Alice Floyd Wasson (Miranda's mother) b. 4 March 1866 Pope County, IL. Submitted by Debra Vordenbaumen.

HICKS, WIlliam Riley and GORE, Cora Belle

"The Family Portrait"This is my great grandparents and 3 of their children and my great, great grandmother, we believe te photo was taken in western KY abt.1898.  They came to so IL in the early 1900's in a covered  wagon train. William Riley Hicks and wife Cora Belle Gore, her mother, Permila Jane Gupton Gore and 3 of their children, Leo Guy, William Arthur and Hattie Hicks. Submitted by Cleta Shirley.

LUDOLPH, Henry Conrad Jr. and VanCURA, Catherine

Catherine VanCura Ludolph holding her son, Henry Conrad Ludolph, Jr, (my grandfather) and three of her daughters, l-r Mary, Jessie and Edna.  This was taken in 1905 in the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago.  Catherine VanCura Ludolph was born the day of the Chicago Fire.  Family story is that as her father was running to get the midwife, he was arrested for not helping fight the fire.  Speaking only Bohemian, he couldn't explain what he was doing.  The desk sargent at the Chicago Police Station where he was taken, understood Bohemian and let him go.  Submitted by Annabelle Caldwell Bradshaw.

My grandfather, Henry Conrad Ludolph, taken in the Bridgeport neighborhhood of Chicago on August 12, 1906. Submitted by Annabelle Caldwell Bradshaw.

MINOR, Jackson and JAMES, Elizabeth and Family

Jackson and Elizabeth (James) Minor Family taken about 1896.  Front:  Jackson, young boy, Tea C., Elizabeth with Clarence on her lap.  Standing behind:  Francis, Eugene and John.  Submitted by Janis Forte.

SHIRLEY Brothers

"Boys will be boys" My Grandfather and his brother and brother's in law. Bottom Row:Harrison Shirley, Arthur Hicks. Top Row: Jesse Cochran and Clarence Shirley (my grandfather). Submitted by Cleta Shirley.

Just Hangin' Around  my grandfather and his brothers loading Hay. Clarence,(my grandfather) Harrison, Denzil & Melvin Shirley.Plus his bother in law, Clarence Hicks.  This was taken on Clarence Shirley's farm in Rural Desoto, IL. Submitted by Cleta Shirley.


Will Zachmeier (1883-1972) Shawneetown, IL --a lifelong bachelor who lived with his widowed sister and helped her raise my grandfather and his siblings. He was an active outdoorsman who tended the channel lights on the Ohio River with a tiny boat. His own mother had been widowed young and he often told how she  "raised them on a washboard, but she got us by".  Written on this postcard photo is the words--"I am on my way to Denver on my Bike." Submitted by Sandra Parker.

Note: All images are property of the person submitting the image. Please do not copy or use these photographs in any way without first contacting the submitter and asking for permission. Contact ISGS at for more information.