Thursday, April 12, 2012

Illinois 1940 Census Images Now Available for Indexing

Did you know that at this very moment, members of the Illinois State Genealogical Society are busy indexing the 1940 Census images which were released to the public on April 2, 2012? You can join in this volunteer effort to produce a searchable index which will be freely accessible to the genealogical community and the public.  Here's how:
  • Visit the 1940 Census Community Project site here to download the indexing software, create a FamilySearch account and then get started with your first batch of Illinois images. Learn more at this recent ISGS blog post.
  • PLEASE make sure that when you set up the indexing software you select Illinois State Genealogical Society as your affiliated group.  FamilySearch has set up incentives and prizes for genealogy societies who index the most images - so make sure your indexing efforts get credited to ISGS!  See this video to learn more.
  • Stay on top of the latest 1940 Census Indexing news by following the 1940 Census blog at Visit the blog daily for new information and updates. Also, make sure you add the blog to your Google Reader or place it in your bookmarks/favorites in your web browser.
And if you aren't available to index, please take a minute to check out the 1940 Census images over at the Official 1940 Census Website by clicking here.

Visit the FamilySearch 1940 Census Indexing map here to see a map of the progress so far. As of today, only 2% of the images for Illinois are indexed and we have a long way to go.  But with your help, we can make sure that all Illinois 1940 Census images are searchable.

© 2012, copyright Illinois State Genealogical Society

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Focus Grandma! FOCUS!! said...

If I already have an Ancestry account, and have been indexing a very long time, How do I add a Genealogical Society for my contributions? Is there a way to do this through the indexing page itself? I have not found away and if i go and re-download the software again, I am not given an option to select a Society.

Thank you