Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Donate to ISGS Today

Please remember the Illinois State Genealogical Society in your end of 2011 donations - we have a variety of ways in which you can support the many programs at ISGS:

Angel Project: Through the Angel Project, ISGS purchases microfilmed county records for the Illinois State Archives and for the Illinois Regional Archive Depositories (IRAD) throughout the represented regions in Illinois. These records are available for your use in researching your families when you visit the Illinois State Archives or one of the IRAD facilities.

Use the button below to donate to the Angel Project:

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Book Project: The ALPL Book Project helps increase the ALPL collection of genealogy and family history materials to include each publication produced by one of the state's many genealogical and historical societies. ISGS also encourages its members who publish genealogical works to donate a copy to ALPL.

Use the button below to donate to the ALPL Book Project:

ISGS Digitization Fund: The Digitization Fund serves to implement the digitization of ISGS publications, record collections, and databases for placement on the Internet. This process will provide more genealogists with access to valuable articles and studies of whose existence they might not otherwise be aware.

Use the button below to donate to the ISGS Digitization Fund:

ISGS General Fund: Gifts to the General Fund are used by ISGS to expand both its outreach to genealogists across the state of Illinois and its level of excellence in helping to improve research and educational opportunities to family historians everywhere.

Use the button below to donate to the ISGS General Fund:

ISGS Memorial/Honorarium: Individuals have the opportunity to honor another person by providing a gift to ISGS in that person’s name. These gifts are used in a variety of ways to promote the work of genealogists in the state of Illinois.

Use the button below to donate as an ISGS Memorial/Honorarium:

You can also click here to print out a donation form and mail it in to the ISGS office.

ISGS is a non-profit, nonsectarian, educational organization. All contributions are tax deductible

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