Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Shop and Support ISGS Program

Do you purchase genealogy products and services online at retailers such as Ancestry.com, Shop Family Tree and others? Did you know that now you can not only purchase great family history items online but also help support ISGS, its mission and its projects?

Visit the new Shop and Support ISGS page on the ISGS website at http://ilgensoc.org/cpage.php?pt=195 before you make a purchase at any of the participating retailers. Using these links, ISGS will receive a portion of any sales and these funds will go to help various projects at ISGS.

The new Shop and Support ISGS page is a new affiliate marketing project meant to provide an income stream in support of the many projects related to Illinois genealogy and family history at ISGS. Participating retailers include Ancestry.com, GenealogyBank, Legacy Family Tree Store, Shop Family Tree and more!

How Does the Shop and Support ISGS Page Work?
  1. Visit the Shop and Support Page at http://ilgensoc.org/cpage.php?pt=195.
  2. Click on a link and you’ll be taken to that retailers website.
  3. Shop for your products and make your purchase.
That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • If I use the Shop and Support ISGS links, do I have to pay a fee or extra for my purchase? No – you as the consumer don’t pay anything extra at any time. The retailer pays a percentage of sales to ISGS as a reward for bringing its members and supporters to that website to shop.
  • Do I pay higher prices if I use the Shop and Support ISGS links? No – you pay the same prices that you would find on the retailer’s website if you didn't use the ISGS links.
  • Will the ISGS website start carrying advertisements? No – the only places you’ll see the links and any graphics related to retail websites is on the Shop and Support ISGS page of the ISGS website. You may also see:

    - A simple ad for the Shop and Support ISGS page on the ISGS blog in the sidebar area of the blog

    - A link in the footer of ISGS blog posts when using a blog reader such as Google Reader

    - An occasional ISGS newsletter article or blog post reminding members to take advantage of the Shop and Support ISGS links when making purchases at genealogy websites.
Help Spread the Word!

Anyone – not just ISGS members – can use the Shop and Support ISGS page and its links to help support ISGS and its projects. Please let your friends and family know especially as we approach the holiday shopping season!

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