Thursday, August 12, 2010

Researching Your Old Chicago House

One of our favorite resources as of late - the Uptown Chicago History blog - has a great series of posts on how to research an older Chicago residence:
Take a close look at Part II which lists some fantastic research resources courtesy of the Chicago History Museum:
  • Address Conversions
  • Architectural Blueprints, Elevations, and Drawings
  • Building Permits
  • Fire Insurance Maps (Atlases) 1868 to 1951
  • Historic Resources Survey
  • Newspaper Directories
  • Old Chicago Directories
  • Photographic Collections
  • Trade Publications
And one note: Did you know that the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago was known for is population of Appalachian migrants? So if you have ancestors from Appalachia it maybe worth researching Chicago resources for valuable information.

Photo: P.J. King House, Chicago, 1902, Inland Architect magazine, public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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