Monday, July 26, 2010

Help Publicize ISGS Events - Using Your Email!

Wondering how you can lend ISGS in publicizing upcoming events such as our Fall 2010 Conference - You Have Family, You Have History - in Peoria? If you frequently send emails, did you realize you can utilize valuable space at the bottom of your email messages to help get the word out?

In the image above, I've added a brief note about the conference at the bottom of my email messages, just above my signature.  Here is the text with the link:

Join us! Peoria, IL October 23, 2010 for the Annual Fall Conference
"You Have Family - You Have History" co-hosted by the Peoria Genealogical Society!

To learn how you can automatically have a message appear at the bottom of each email you send, see this free cheat sheet entitled Guide To Email Signatures (opens in PDF format) which explains the method for each of the popular email applications including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and more.

© 2010, copyright Illinois State Genealogical Society


Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Thomas, for reminding us of how we can help publicize the fall conference.

David Kent Coy said...

I think this BLOG looks great and hope it helps ISGS to stay in touch! Thanks for a great job.

Anonymous said...

The blog is great! I am sure it will help "spread the news" about our society and conference!